Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on when you cancel relative to the departure date there will be a non-refundable element to the ticket price.

VACC is running the 2020 VACC  Industry Study Tour Program to provide members with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on what is happening in the automotive industry on a global scale.

Once minimum group numbers have been met, ticket upgrades will be offered to those that have booked on that tour.  Upgrades will be subject to availability and  only for those sectors where the service is offered.

Room upgrades will be offered subject to availability once you have been booked on a tour.

As these tours are focused on elements of the automotive industry, advice we have received indicates that these tours are deductible for those who work in the automotive industries.

This is general advice only. You should get your own advice on tax deductability in your specific circumstances.

You will need a passport with at least 6 months validity past the last day of the tour.

We are not currently offering a partners program but may do so in future.  If you are interested in a partners program please let us know.

All delegates must travel on the specified days to maintain group pricing.  As a result, tour extensions are not available.

All tours leave from Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport.  If you need transfers to Melbourne airport we can arrange them for your after you have booked for a tour.