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Jewels in the Desert

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an extraordinary place to visit, a striking blend of ancient customs and modern technology, and awe-inspiring architectural feats against desert backdrops. The VACC tour of the UAE will be an experience like no other. Your mind will be blown with a motorsport double header – the Formula E Championship in Diriyah and the F1 in Abu Dhabi. On top of that, you’ll attend World Expo in Dubai, which promises to ‘astonish the world’ and its 25 million visitors in its celebration of innovation and ingenuity. For adrenaline and fun, you’ll visit Ferrari World and enjoy rides, attractions, Italian delicacies and shopping. A desert safari including, 4×4 dune bashing and camel rides will complete the ultimate UAE experience.

ABB FIA Formula E Championship

Embracing the way of the future, Formula E is one of the most exciting developments in motorsport. The Diriyah E Prix is held at the Riyadh Street Circuit in Diriyah. It’s 2.495km long and features 21 thrilling turns. Feel the electricity in the air and hear the hum of the electric engines as they zip past on each lap. Having just been granted World Championship status, the 2020 season of Formula E is shaping up to be the best yet.

Formula 1 GP

Once again, the 2020 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi will bet he season-finale. After 22 races during the season every driver wil be battling it out for that Championship podium spot, and you get to be there to witness all the action. It’s a day-night race with unmatched atmosphere. Giant floodlights illuminate the circuit from the start of the event to ensure a seamless transition from daylight to darkness. And what a way to end your tour of the UAE.

World Expo

The World Expo is an international exhibition showcasing design, technology, creativity, entertainment and culinary experiences from countries across the globe. Throughout its history, the UAE has shown the world what is possible through its remarkable development. Expo 2020 Dubai will be no different. Millions of visitors will walk through this incredible expo to create, collaborate and innovate. Wear your comfy shoes because this will be a big day of exploring.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World is set to impress. Deciding what to do first will be the hardest decision because it’s packed full of fun rides, attractions, shows, driving and dining experiences. From real-life thrill experiences to stepping into the world of virtual reality, there is an experience for everyone. Ferrari world is a state-of-the- art precinct for any Ferrari enthusiast or thrillseeker, and it’s a must on any visit on Abu Dhabi.

Desert Safari

You’ll leave the city of concrete and glass for endless amounts of sand and hit the dunes of the desert for a once-in-a-lifetime Safari adventure. You’ll be jumping over sands dunes in a 4×4, riding camels across the horizon and finishing off the day with a mouth-watering feast and some local entertainment. The endless golden landscape reaching as far as the eye can see will top off this UAE trip. Fun, adventure and delicious food will create memories that last a lifetime.

Your Itinerary

Day 1
Depart Melbourne
Day 2
Ad Diriyah
Day 3
ABB FIA Formula E Championship
Ad Diriyah
Day 4
Day 5
World Expo
Day 6
Transit & Ferrari World
Abu Dhabi
Day 7
Desert Safari
Abu Dhabi
Day 8
Plant & Security Company
Abu Dhabi
Day 9
Formula 1 GP
Abu Dhabi
Day 10
Depart Abu Dhabi

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